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We are in a privileged place in the world, the Mediterranean coast. Its mild climate and the colors of the sea and the spectacular gastronomy make this a special place. That is why in our homes we focus the spaces towards the sea to enjoy the views and its breeze. Projects like the P31 house show our commitment to spectacular views. One of the maxims of the houses on the fifth façade is the interior-exterior relationship.

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Un espacio para descansar en Jávea, oculta en la montaña se emplaza esta vivienda que integra el estilo moderno con los materiales tradicionales. A destacar su mampostería, madera y cerámica.

At La Quinta Fachada we work to create quality spaces both in new construction and in comprehensive reforms. In these projects, the client’s use requirements together with the new trends in interior design and the connection of interior and exterior spaces. The cities of Denia, Jávea, Moraira, Gandía, Oliva, among others, have excellent climatic conditions that allow these open spaces to enjoy the summer night.

In the materiality of the project, the masonry, ceramic pavement, the white exterior finish, classics of the Mediterranean, stand out. If you want to know more about this project, you have its file here.

Jávea is one of the most popular cities on the Mediterranean front. In this city, design houses are scattered around the place and among them some of Mediterranean design stand out. These present traditional materials, wood, plaster, lime, ceramics, etc. In addition to presenting a very characteristic color selection where white predominates. At La Quinta Fachada we offer designs like these for all kinds of projects, single-family homes, semi-detached, semi-detached, of all kinds of sizes, always looking for the best solution that integrates beauty and functionality.

Examples of this are the houses Vu43S70 o C50 with their corresponding tiles. Although in most of our homes the Mediterranean is present in some way. If you want to see all the projects enter here.